About Us

"SkinCo" Skin- friendly Baby Clothing! The new name of Skin safe Baby clothing line based in Kannur, Kerala. We have achieved within a short span of time, a good reputation, loyal customers and a brand value throughout the world. A well-satisfied customer base is our biggest strength and greatest advertisement. We express our love for babies by providing them with germ free soft cotton cloths that will safeguard their delicate skin and keep them away from allergic fabrics. We make SKINCO highly hygienic for your feather soft babies. Right from the cradle through different stages of an infant's growth, good quality linen fabrics are indispensable. SKINCO brings you hygienically tested fabrics better than you can get from anywhere else in the world. Our sincere dealers ensure availability of our products in all supermarkets, textile shops, and kid shops. More than 65 SKINCO products with all the goodness essential for your babies are now available online to be delivered to your doorsteps. Your loving care will make your infants healthy and happy. Let SKINCO help you ensure their comfort just like your soft protective touch.


Our Specialities



Creating innovative materials for delicate baby skin which can be opened with just a single press and wipes dispensers .Cotton soft materials surround babies in comfort.



Every decision we make is designed to help protect the health of your baby's sensitive skin.Cuties is our own line of baby care products, created with the highest standards of quality, efficiency, and value.



Raising the quality of a product can raise someone's quality of life. We design, innovate, and manufacture with this in mind in the communities we are located in and for the markets we serve.